« La paix n’est pas l’absence de guerre, c’est une vertu, un état d’esprit, une volonté de bienveillance, de confiance, de justice ».


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Born in Zurich, she obtained a Swiss Federal diploma in business and management (mention French) in Fribourg and worked for several years in the private (textile management) sector. In 1997 she started her studies in sociology at the university of Geneva and obtained her MAS in 2004. During her time as a PhD student of the Swiss National Science Foundation carrying out research on xenophobia and gender equality, she started working at the Geneva International Peace Research Institute, where she is today member of the foundation council. From 2011 to 2016 she was the project manager of the federal program of gender equality at the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, where she also led the Swiss participation in the European Gender-NET project from 2014-2016. Since 2017 she is the programme coordinator in the VET sector at Movetia. Her primary mandate is to establish cooperation projects and networks with European actors as well as developing the evaluation of outcome and impact effects of exchange and mobility.