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19 Years into Oblivion

The 9th of July marks the 19th anniversary of the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion
In 2002, the Israeli government began the construction of a 700 km-long wall in the West Bank on the Palestinian side of the “Green Line”. Two years later, in its 2004 Advisory Opinion, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague declared the construction of a wall within occupied Palestinian territory illegal. The Palestinians and many in the international community saw the Court’s opinion as a turning point in the protracted conflict. 19 years later, the result is sobering: Israel has neither desisted from the Wall, which is twice as high and four times as long as the Berlin Wall, nor made any reparations. On the contrary, the Wall is nearing completion and most States have made little effort to secure compliance, although under an obligation to do so.


Discourse of Prof. Marcelo Kohen on the 19 years of the ICJ consultative opinion on the Wall: https://vimeo.com/843424295


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